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When it comes to physical therapy, you have a choice. If you are looking for an experienced group of clinicians that will focus one-on-one attention on you, we can help.

Hawaii Physical Therapy, Inc. (HPT) is a private practice out-patient physical therapy service corporation that provides specialty care for patients from doctor referrals for conditions. Please visit our services page for details on our specialities.

Both Pain Relief and Recovery of Function are Our Priorities.

There is a difference between physical therapists. Experience high-quality care that will get you back to the game of life quicker.

Utilizing the Functional Movement System we provide rapid rehabilitation!

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  • Recovery & Wellness

  • Your rehab program will be tailored to your specific needs.

    Our treatment programs go beyond basic stretching and strengthening exercises.

  • TPI Certified Instructors

  • Golf-Specific Fitness Training: Improve Performance, Avoid Injury

    Features a complete specific Golf, Wellness, Health, and Fitness training programs to restore or enhance functional activities and quality of life. Our evaluation utilizing functional screening for specific activities such as golf and wellness determines a individual specific fitness training program that includes manual therapy to release soft tissues and joints, flexibility, strength, postural alignment, stabilization, balance, endurance and coordination to restore or enhance mobility, stability, and functional activities. We will guide you through proven specific functional progression of fundamental movement patterns to improve your game or improve your quality of life.