I love this place. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. The staff shows love and compassion towards all of their patients. I truly believe that I have improved, and Milton Kurashige has expressed that I am doing much better then when I first started. All the exercises that I have learned/performed, and "homework" has greatly improved my flexibility. I wish that I could continue my physical therapy longer.

-Herbert M.

Tribute to Milton Kurashige and Hawaii PT
About 15 years ago, I was referred to HPT for neck pain and shoulder, upper arm pain and numbness. Milton Kurashige set up an exercise and therapy program where I fully recovered and avoided spinal surgery. At that time, I noticed he had the golf exercise program. About eight years ago, I started Milton's golf exercise program which emphasized exercise and stretching and the golf swing. It really improved my flexibility and added consistency to my golf game. Two years ago, at 77 years old, I retired from golf but still go to Hawaii Physical Therapy Inc., to exercise, stretching to maintain my neck, back, arms, legs, flexibility and strength.

-Robert A.

I feel that my time during the fall preventive program was very effective. It was as if I had learned how to walk again but properly this time around. As a senior, I feel that the ability to walk without falling is primary, so it was a good awareness program. I feel that I have absolutely improved since participating in the program, and haven't fallen since. I liked that the program was hands on because all staff are positive and aware of patient needs.

-Deanna S.